• Coming soon in 2020!!

    Hello people of the internet!

    So, what is this? It’s a new project from the mastermind (hahaha) behind One Girl, One Glass, One World, Alina, and her mama, Angie.

    What are we going to talk about? Everything. Anything. We will get a little geeky with food, travel, wine, life, beer, pop culture, spirits, current events. Nothing is off limits when you’re talking to a Baby Boomer and a Xennial.

    So get in, buckle up, and prepare for the ride…

  • Welcome, Friends!

    Welcome, welcome!!

    Who are we you ask? We are a mother/daughter team who love travel, food, wine, sarcasm, beer, road trips, spirits, and laughter.

    We often don’t know where our adventures will take us. We always find ways to have fun, though.